Selected Publications

In press

  • Nisa, C., et al. (in press). Perceived economic risk (vs. health risk) motivates individual efforts to fight COVID-19: a multilevel analysis in 24 countries. Scientific Reports.
  • Han Qet al (in press). Trust ingovernment regarding COVID-19 and itsassociations with preventive health behaviourand prosocial behaviour during the pandemic:a cross-sectional and longitudinal study.Psychological Medicine, 1–11.
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  • Lima, M., França, D. et al. (in press). Materialist and post-materialist concerns and the wish for a strong leader in 27 countries. Journal of Social and Political Psychology.
  • Romano, A., Spadaro, G., Joireman, J., Jin, S., Van Lissa, C., Balliet, D., Agostini, M., Bélanger, J.J., Gutzkow, B., & Kreienkamp, J. & PsyCorona Collaboration (in press). Cooperation and Trust Across Societies During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.
  • Leander, N.P., Lemay Jr., E.P., Jeronimus, B.F., Keller, A.C., Agostini, M., Bélanger, J.J. & PsyCorona Collaboration. (in press). Towards a Globally Collaborative Behavioral Science: An Organizational Approach from Pandemic Psychology
  • Lang, M., Xygalatas, D. Kavanagh, C., Boccardi, N., Halberstadt, J., Jackson, C.... & Gomez, A. (in press). Outgroup threat and the emergence of cohesive groups: a cross-cultural examination. Group Processes and Intergroup relations.


  • Gomez, A., Belanger, J.J., Chinchilla, J., Vazquez, A., Schumpe, B. M., Nisa, C.F., & Chiclana, S. (2021). Admiratin for Islamist groups encourages self-sacrifice through identity fusion. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications.
  • Gomez, A. Martinez, M., Martel, F.A., Lopez-Rodriguez, L., Vazquez, A., Chinchilla, J., Paredes, B., Hetierachchi, M., Hamid, N., & Swann. W. B. Jr. (2021). Why people enter and emprace violent groups. Frontiers in Psychology.
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  • Bosson J., et al. (2021). Psychometric properties and correlates of precarious manhood beliefs in 62 nations. Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology.


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  • Kosakowska-Berezecka et al. (2020). Country-level and Individual-level predictors of Mens support for gender equality in 42 countries. European Journal of Social Psychology.
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